The JSON syntax is a lightweight data-interchange format supported by a huge number of existing web libraries and data analysis applications. xBRL-JSON report based on JSON format is designed to simplify XBRL report consumption. Traditional xBRL-XML reports are not straightforward to consume. The new xBRL-JSON format is a simpler and vastly more intuitive representation of XBRL reports.

Further information on the supporting standards can be found here:

Open Information Model 1.0 (


Any inline XBRL, such as the below sample can be transformed in to xBRL-JSON. A number of certified XBRL products can be used to do the transform. The transform is fully automated.

Human and machine readable inline XBRL:

Machine readable xBRL-JSON:

The xBRL-JSON loads in tools like Tableau, Excel and visuals/reports can be prepared as shown below:


Blog: Demonstrating how xBRL-JSON greatly simplifies analytics

xBRL-JSON tutorial and examples

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