If this set of concepts is moved to a separate namespace, it can be imported by each standard setter in to their own taxonomy. Each standard setter can apply their own labels and references to the concepts so that they look and feel the same as their own concepts.

The key is arranging the schema containing the shared concept definitions can be imported without also importing undesired linkbases.


Two different taxonomies can share a common energy module (listing the various types of energy, total energy consumed etc.)

Each taxonomy (one made by ACME, the other by XYZZY) contains references to its own official standards but not each others. A fact reported against TotalEnergyConsumed in the ACME taxonomy is comparable against a fact reported against TotalEnergyConsumed in the XYZZY taxonomy because both taxonomies are using the same XBRL concept TotalEnergyConsumed.

One taxonomy using sus-energy:TotalEnergyConsumed contains references to the ACME standard:

Another taxonomy using sus-energy:TotalEnergyConsumed (the same concept) contains references to XYZZY:


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